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Divorce Healing For Men Effective Strategies To Overcome Depression

Divorce Healing For Men Effective Strategies To Overcome Depression
Men going through divorce or experiencing a difficult life after divorce may experience feelings of depression in many ways. Even if they wanted to end the marriage, significant changes in their lives occur that make moving on difficult. Their children may not be with them, they feel sadness being alone, there's anger towards the partner, etc. In several studies, men have difficulty adjusting emotionally to a given situation than women. There are several strategies that would aid divorce healing for men help them get over depression.


Men may deny it but there are specific features of depression that they're feeling. Depression may be in the form of being disappointed and angry. They may feel such a failure for not being able to handle relationships well. There may be guilt and hatred. Some may experience change in eating habit like eating too much or no appetite for food. Sleep changes also occur like difficulty sleeping or just want to sleep all day. Feelings of loneliness and being alone are prominent.


There are few reasons why men experience depression with divorce. One of the most common cause is that there would be no more intimacy. Men also find being alone sad. In the home, he has a wife and children to interact with. If the children come with the mother, fathers won't be able to see them.


If you allow depression to run over your lives, you'll ruin everything. There are several ways to deal with it. First, don't dwell so much with your wife. While the wound is fresh, just allow everything to heal. Spend most of your time with your children and get strength from them. Keep busy. Don't stay in the house because it will only make you sad. Engage in lots of activities to keep you going. Engage in fun hobbies that your mind will be preoccupied of what you're doing. Visit distant families and relatives. Catch up with friends you haven't spent time for several years. It's okay to cry and weep whenever you're alone. Crying is a good therapy. After pouring all your aches, you'll feel better. Always think positive and don't allow depression to take over your life.

Divorce healing for men may take a long time to happen but recovery will surely happen. Learn to deal and overcome depression that you may progress towards healing. There are so many things to do that will lift you up. There are several ways to make you happy and deal with these. With the help of these strategies, you will realize in time that your life is happier and more satisfied because of divorce.

If you're looking for more strategies in Healing From Divorce For Men and emotions brought by divorce, you can click the link below.

Divorce Healing For Men

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The Voice 2014 Winner Results Live Finale 05202014

The Voice 2014 Winner Results Live Finale 05202014
Welcome to The Voice 2014 Season 6 Winner Results, recap and live blog for May 20, 2014. Who won The Voice Season 6? Was it two seasons in a row for Adam? Or was it a fourth title for Blake? Or was Season 6 the first win by a coach that isn't named Adam or Blake?

Christina and Jake are neck-and-neck on iTunes, but a glitch has kept Josh Kaufman out of the Top 10, and could affect tonight's vote! How will the show address the issue? And which singer from last night's performance show will be declared The Voice? readers predict Christina Grimmie will win by an incredibly narrow margin of 36.35% to Josh Kaufman's 35.03%. Jake Worthington is predicted to finish in third with 29% of the vote. No matter how things turn out, it should be an exciting finale. But it's not too late to vote in the poll, so head on over to add your prediction! Also, check out the Top 3 post-show power rankings to see where your favorites landed!

Without further adieu, let's get this show on the road!

Credit: NBC


-We open with a video package recapping last night's show, rendering the hourlong recap show that just aired utterly useless. Blake thinks Jake deserves to win because he'll be a future hero to others, while Usher feels Josh deserves this. Adam, meanwhile, truly believes that Christina had the best night of the three remaining finalists last night. He feels she'll win, and while I'd love for him to be right, I have my doubts that he will be. You know, because country music.

-And we're live with Carson noting that iTunes votes over last night's fourteen hour voting window will not be counted due to the glitch over Josh Kaufman's "Set Fire to the Rain" single. However, it apparently wouldn't have had much of an outcome on the result anyway. So what was the point then?


-I like the song, and Ryan Tedder is one of those vocalists that never gets his proper due, even though the man is insanely talented beyond just his songwriting capabilities. But all I could think during this was "Eh, Josh did it better."

-Back from break, Carson asks what the coaches would like to say to their contestants. Adam tells Christina that no matter what happens tonight, she'll have a record deal because he would like to sign her to his label. Shakira gets to talk even though she doesn't have a contestant left, and Usher posits that we could finally have a new coach winning The Voice. Blake says no matter what, he's going to miss Shakira and Usher. They have a group hug that thankfully doesn't become a selfie moment, before Shakira and Usher offer up "Thank Yous" to the band, the crew, their fellow coaches, and to Carson. A charming, endearing farewell.


-Jake describes Kat as a "bad mamma jamma" while talking about how Kristen has always had her back. He chose Audra out of Team Blake loyalty and respect for her talent. He praises Ryan Whyte Maloney's abilities, and then notes he chose Morgan Wallen due to the musical sensibilities they share.

-They sing "Summertime" by Kenny Chesney, and I'll never stop loving that The Voice allows contestants to craft their own finale performances, complete with bringing back some of the better contestants who didn't get through. I just love that about this show, and it pays off here in spades. This is just a fantastic performance. I was particularly impressed by Ryan Whyte Maloney. Why didn't he get through, again?

-Apropos of nothing: Marry me, Audra.

-Back from break with Carson introducing a bunch of videos from fans and celebs (including Tara Lipinski) answering which Voice personalities they'd add to their Sprint Family plan if they could. A cute filler video, and nothing more.


-Because people need to be crying on a Tuesday night, Ed Sheeran and Christina Grimmie perform "All of the Stars," the song "The Fault In Our Stars". It's completely acoustic, and guys




I didn't love anything this season as much as I loved this. Ed and Christina's voice blended together beautifully, and it was just such a gorgeous, deeply felt vocal. So good. Seriously, SO GOOD. 10/10 would download.

NON-U.S. VIEWERS, WATCH HERE: Christina Grimmie and Ed Sheeran, "All of the Stars"

-Back from break with our next group performance, and it's a Hall and Oates classic! I LOVE THOSE GUYS!


-They sound pretty damn great here. I gave this season a lot of guff in the early going, but this season actually had a fairly deep talent roster. Granted, my big issue was with how a lot of these contestants were used, as hardly any of these cut contestants were given songs that maximized their potential. This song is, surprisingly, a song that brings out the best in everybody. They could go on tour as a five-man group and it'd probably be a damn good show. I'm not kidding.

-Mel B. is in the audience to promote "America's Got Talent", as she notes they have great singers, a strongman who pulls a car with his teeth, and a pig who tries to solve a math problem. "Blake Shelton is on another NBC show?" Carson asks. Where has "this" Carson been?!

-Back from break with a special video


-Robin Leech (or a very good sound-a-like) narrates "The Lifestyles of Usher Raymond," who explains his personal mantras, such as "Evolve or evaporate" and "If you're the second winner, you're the first loser" or some other such silliness. He also talks about eating cabbage raw, among other quirks that apparently make Usher the impenetrable embodiment of cool he's been all these years. I kind of hope Usher isn't through with The Voice for good. He's not always the liveliest coach, but it's clear he takes this process seriously, and shows like this have too few coaches/judges/mentors like him.


-Justin Moore is apparently the Academy of Country Music's reigning New Artist of the Year, yet his voice renders him virtually indistinguishable from a young Blake Shelton. Maybe that's why he's been so successful? Either way, I don't particularly enjoy this song, even while I have no trouble admitting that it's actually quite catchy, and Moore sings it very well. It's just not my ticket.


-For his "Bring Back Performance," Josh is bringing back TJ Wilkins, Sisaundra Lewis, and Stevie Jo (hmm, he's popular tonight). Josh loves TJ's soulful style, and says the same of Stevie Jo, recalling when he sang Usher's own song and got him to turn his chair around during blind auditions. Josh also notes what a talent Sisaundra is, and how great it was to have her around this season.

-They perform "Am I Wrong" by Nico Vinz, and it's a groovy track that I wish Josh had performed at some point during the competition. It's the kind of modern, funk-influenced song that makes Josh feel immediately current and relevant in mainstream music. Not that he doesn't now, since I think he could be a smashing Adult Contemporary artist. But I think he might want more than that, so something like this would probably be the best route for him to take, musically. In short, I absolutely loved this. Everyone sounded like a million bucks, particularly Josh, who just lays it down here. TJ and Sisaundra bring serious fire too, and Stevie Jo continues to illustrate just why everybody has been picking him tonight. A terrific performance.

-After the performance, we throw to a video package honoring Shakira


-Blake talks about how you never want to find yourself on the wrong end of an argument with Shakira. Usher says, "While she's talking, shut up." It's an amusing little video, with clips of Shakira's fiery arguments throughout the season. Adam notes she's a firecracker, and then mimics walking on eggshells when he's around her. All these clips of Classic Adam has me hating the blonde look even more. Okay, maybe "hate" is a bit strong. I don't really hate it, per se. I just don't particularly think it's a great look, is all. On the plus side, he at least matches hair color with Shakira, which makes them look a bit like feuding siblings here.


-I didn't particularly care for this, even though I love the song and adore Ed. Maybe it's the awkwardness of how his falsetto on the chorus sounds live. I don't know, something just seemed off. That said, it was a very lively and electric performance that illustrates Ed's versatility, since it's miles from what he did earlier with Christina. I would be remiss if I didn't point out how awesome the set is for this, as he's surrounded by old TVs. I'm easily impressed by that sort of thing, obviously. (Come to think of it, I'm easily impressed in general.)

NON-U.S. VIEWERS, WATCH HERE: Ed Sheeran, "Sing"

-Back from break with Carson interviewing the eliminated teammates and friends of the finalists: Tessa and Bria wish Christina luck, saying "All for one, one for all." However, they also wish all the best to Josh and Jake because "We're all family here." Sisaundra and Audra wish Jake the best as well, while Josh's teammates want him to "kick butt."


-It's more or less the performance you'd expect. If I didn't already know this song already, I'd think it was a Swon Brothers original. As it is now, it's mostly just an okay performance. It feels more like Jake and Alabama are just hanging out. And, honestly, that adds a bit to the performance as a whole, since there's a lighthearted, fun feel to it all. However, it just doesn't sound all that great, and I'm not sure if it's the acoustic, or Jake and Alabama being out of sync or what. But hey, it's the finale. As far as this show is concerned, these contestants are off the clock.

-Back from break, we throw to the girls' group performance, with Carson going through all their names lightning fast, and including a singer named "MJ". Apparently, he meant Melissa Jimenez. But did he ever once call her that during this season? JUST SAY Melissa Jimenez, Carson!


-I really wanted to like this. I really did. But this was the hottest of hot messes. It's as if each woman was singing a different song, in a different fashion, with Madilyn trying to draw out each note, Deja seeming hesitant, and nobody blending all that well. Such a shame, because these singers are all talented individually.


-In this video, Josh talks about how much this experience means to him, saying that this is an incredible chance for him to win for himself, his family, and for Usher. For his part, Usher feels Josh would be a deserving winner. However, Blake feels Jake deserves this as well. Jake discusses what this means to him, and then we throw to Adam, who praises Christina, who says that Adam always would tell her to "do your Grimmie thing to it." The interviewer then asks how each of the finalists would feel to win a car. And we get the least surprising car surprise in history, as the studio lights up and they find all-new Kia cars behind them. Even with the studio lights dimmed, how on Earth did they not notice those cars behind them?


-And now it's time for the Adam Levine tribute, as the filler rolls on. This is kind of amusing though, as the coaches talk about how everything seems to be Adam's favorite song. We get a montage of him calling all sorts of songs "one of my favorite songs," and calling a bunch of different singers "one of the best/most badass singers in the world." I never really noticed this before, but it's a funny point. Yeah, it was filler, but I thoroughly enjoyed this, right down to Blake lamenting that Adam has never listed one of his songs as a favorite.


-The "Paula, Take Me Back" Tour 2014 is continuing for Robin Thicke, but man, am I glad he stopped here. "Get Her Back" is a minimalist jam that harks back to "Lost Without U," and it's a perfect fit for Josh's voice. I swear, both Josh's and Christina's pairings have produced some incredible moments, which is why it's such a shame that Jake's duet with Alabama was such a dud. Unless he has something else coming up, although with less than a half hour left until we crown a winner, I'm doubting it.

-Back from break with videos from home for each of the three finalists, and it's so endearing I found myself wishing "The Voice" did Hometown Visits as well.


-Now this is more my speed. Of all the modern country tracks performed tonight, this was my favorite. Just an incredibly breezy, eminently enjoyable tune. And McGraw sounded damn good on the track, to boot. I might actually have to scoop this thing up on iTunes when this show is over. I genuinely enjoyed this.


-Christina has chosen Bria for having a great voice, and for having an incredible rockers' sensibility. She also loves Tess and her voice, so she's in, naturally. Lastly, Christina selects Jake because he was such a good "big brother" to her during the competition. With her team assembled, she launches into "Team" by Lorde

-It's a decent performance, although I think Josh's group takes the cake for the "Bring Back" Performances. Still, this wasn't bad or anything, just kind of all-over-the-place. With that said, I forgot how much I liked Jake. And Bria hits an exceptional run towards the end that seems to go largely ignored in the background. So impressed.


-Granted, they didn't actually title the video that, but I felt like being corny. This video is kind of great though, as it mostly centers on Blake and Jake bickering back and forth about everything from family, to music, to movies. Blake compares Jake to a little brother he loves, while Jake says Blake is like the uncle he never had. For his part, Blake says he can imagine standing in the winner's circle with Jake. It's a quirky little video that has a touching moment or two.


-Chris Martin sounds fantastic here, and the song isn't bad either. It's more of the ethereal, atmospheric semi-rock/not-quite-pop that Coldplay does now. I imagine it'll have its proponents and detractors, but this was a perfectly good performance to close out the season. It's kind of crazy to think how successful they are now. It feels like I was just picking up Parachutes yesterday and trying to get all my friends to listen to it. (Achievement Unlocked: Hipster Status) Still, these guys totally deserve it. Few bands deliver mainstream singles I like with anywhere near Coldplay's level of frequency, even though my enthusiasm for said singles wears off pretty quickly (Apple commercials made certain I got tired of "Viva La Vida" within weeks). I don't get why it's become such a cliche to like Coldplay, but these guys are great.

-Now, with all that having been said, can we just crown a winner already?


-And we get last words from all the finalists, with each of them thanking their coaches for everything they did, and getting emotional, but also increasingly nervous. Josh is honored to have worked with Usher and learned so much, while Jake adores Blake, and Christina loves Adam whether he signs her or not. Time for the results


JAKE WORTHINGTON is runner-up!




THE VOICE -- "Live Finale" Episode 621B -- Pictured: (l-r) Josh Kaufman, Usher -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

-Because NBC is terrible at timing out its shows, we get some brief words from Josh and NO VICTORY PERFORMANCE?! Nope, we immediately cut to black as that's a wrap on Season 6 of The Voice. Well that's just silly. But hey, now Adam and Blake aren't the only coaches to have won The Voice! That's kind of outstanding, actually.

-So what did you think of the results? Did the right artist win The Voice? Sound off in the comments! And thank you for hanging out with us this season! We'll see you in the fall! (And hopefully before)

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Learning How To Listen Like Your Favorite Pet

Learning How To Listen Like Your Favorite Pet
When your partner speaks, do you think you're as good a listener as the family dog or cat? Lets take a look at what pets may bring to the table with good listening skills and emulate their behavior:

1. Look directly at your partner and pay attention - don't let your mind wander off topic or to your potential response. Make the person who is speaking the most important one in the universe at that moment.

Allow your partner to complete his or her thoughts. When it is appropriate, use active listening to indicate that you understand what they are saying. Don't interrupt or offer your opinion unless you are asked.

3. Tune in to the emotional undercurrent coming from the speaker and let him or her know that you empathize and provide unconditional support. Staying physically close allows you to "touch" your partner virtually as well as in reality.

4. Allow your partner the freedom and time to find his or her own solution. By demonstrating this trust in your partner's abilities, you can be supportive but not directive.

Recognize your partner's perspective. For men whose first reaction may be to solve a problem described to them, remember that many women are seeking not solutions but to have their concerns heard. They want to have their feelings validated by those closest to them. Women are generally attuned to talking about what is bothering them and are more likely to feel loved and cherished when the men in their life connect with them in this way.

On the other hand, men's conversations often revolve around how to fix things, solve a problem, accomplish a goal - that is, when they're not about the score of the latest, or a classic old, game. For some, the focus may be about winning, being the best, outperforming the others in a competition, being at the top of the food chain - it's almost as it their confidence and self-worth depend on it.

Would you like to learn about how some prominent men and women - including Ted Kennedy, Tim Russert, Susan Boyle, and Sully Sullenberger - touched others and coped with challenges in their lives? Click on the link to the left where you can sign up for our monthly newsletter, Stepping Stones, and receive a complimentary copy of the ebook, Courage and Lessons Learned, which showcases tips and strategies to use in your own life, especially if you're a Sandwiched Boomer.


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Developing The Art Of Leadership

Developing The Art Of Leadership
Author: Bea Fields

Many people are born leaders, yet the ability to lead is actually an art and an amazing collection of skills which can be learned and sharpened. The following top ten daily habits will help you and/or your clients grow as a leader personally, professionally, and spiritually.

1. Spend 30 minutes each morning looking for "cracks" in the major areas of your life.

Your depth of character is key to determining your success as a leader. It is easy for us to say that we are "in integrity," but your actions are the real indicators of strength of character. Spend 30 minutes each morning looking at the major areas of your life: career, marriage, family, community, and spirituality. Write down any instances where you see "cracks" (you have cut corners, something is inconsistent, you have not kept your word, you have been dishonest, etc.) Do all in your power to repair those cracks by apologizing and dealing with the consequences of your actions. After facing up to past actions, begin a plan that will rebuild you and prevent you from making further mistakes.

2. Show up and be ten minutes early for every appointment.

Great leaders show up for every appointment, and they are always on time. Each day, practice not only showing up but being ten minutes early for each and every appointment. "The early bird gets the worm" has never been so true than when it applies to becoming a great leader that others want to follow.

3. Be dedicated to a high level of learning.

Great leaders are highly competent, because they are dedicated to a high level of learning, growth, and improvement. Spend 15-30 minutes each day devoted to learning something new. Do not settle for knowing "how" to do something. Dig deeper by asking the question "why" and then, go find the answer. Search the internet, interview an expert, or take a day trip to find the answer to a question that is on your mind or the minds of those who follow you.

4. Be simple and crystal clear in all communication.

As a leader, your communication should be simple, clean, and clear as a bell. Examine both written and verbal communication for simplicity and clarity. Use as few words as possible, and eliminate jargon and "big words" from your vocabulary. Express yourself in a way that your listeners can understand.

5. Surround yourself with great people.

One of the secrets of a great leader is great people. Hire the right staff, surround yourself with a strong inner circle, and spend time daily with people who have a variety of gifts. With the support of a strong circle of men, women and children, you will be ready for anything that comes your way.

6. Develop a sense of commitment and responsibility.

People do not follow leaders who are not committed and responsible. Commitment and responsibility can be measured by the hours you spend and how you spend them, the money you spend and how you spend it, and by what you do for others. Spend 15 minutes each day analyzing your time, your checkbook, and your volunteer work. Look closely at how much time you spend with family and friends as compared to work, how you spend your money, and how you give back to the community. You may be very surprised at what you find.

7. Develop a positive attitude by altering your mind.

It is very possible to alter your attitude by altering your mind. Saturate yourself daily with motivational literature, positive people, and inspiring music/art. By conditioning your mind to be more positive on a daily basis, you will find that winning will be a daily reward of your life.

8. Accept responsibility.

Great leaders never play the role of a victim. They recognize that part of being a great leader is being ultimately responsible for all successes and failures. On a daily basis, analyze your current projects, and ask yourself "Have I done all that needs to be done? What have I not done that I should?" Once you have analyzed each project, if you find a weakness, go the extra mile by working extra hours, hiring an outside expert, or getting really creative to repair the weakness or to turn it into a success!

9. Make self-discipline a part of your lifestyle.

What do you need to develop self-discipline? Following a better diet or exercise routine? Getting up one hour earlier? Being rigorous with your spending? Learning something new every day? Eliminate excuse-making from your life, and begin to develop habits that will invite self-discipline to become the foundation of your life. Hire a coach to support you during the development of a routine of self-discipline, and remove rewards until the job is done!

10. Develop courage by facing fear.

By a show of courage, you will inspire others to follow and to walk in your footsteps. Spend 15-30 minutes each day doing something simply for the sake of developing courage: speak to an audience, make a difficult phone call, learn a new skill, write an article or a top ten, or visit someone you have always wanted to meet. As Eleanor Roosevelt acknowledged: "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along. You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

About the author: This article was written and submitted by Bea Fields. Bea is a Business Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Public Speaker. Her area of expertise is that of Environmental Design and Leadership Development for Executives, Managers, Small Business Owners, and Political Leaders. She may be contacted at or visited on the web at

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A Divorce Book

A Divorce Book

Get back with your ex

A divorce is never an easy thing to deal with. While not all divorces are ugly and bitter, they can still be expensive and time consuming. And above all they can still be emotionally draining. However there are a lot of sources out there that can help you gain insight into a divorce to better help you deal with it.

A divorce book is one of the many ways you can learn about the details of divorces. Armed with that knowledge you can better deal with the ordeal and make better decisions. There are five main aspects you want to take into consideration during a divorce. These five things can make the difference between coming out alright, and getting swept away during a divorce.

1. You want to avoid getting your children involved as much as you can. As much as we might hate to admit it, divorces can bring out our ugly side and make us do things we would not normally do. During a divorce parents will often use their kids as weapons or battering chips. As awful as that sounds, it is a fairly easy trap to fall in.

Parents will try to force their kids to pick sides for two reasons. The parent wants some re-assurance during these troubling times, they want to make sure their kid still loves them. They also want to hurt their spouse which they feel is causing all the trouble.

However you must not let yourself fall to these petty emotions. Regardless of how bad your divorce is, you must work with your spouse to maintain a stable environment for your children.

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2. Another thing you will often find in a divorce book is how to make proper demands. Divorces are all about both sides getting what they earned together. And people will often times use this as a chance to enact revenge by taking everything. Do not do this, instead try to ensure both you and your partner get a fair deal. If you are leaving on bad terms there is already enough resentment, you do not need to add to it by taking everything.

3. Communicating with your spouse is another thing you should avoid doing. Whether it is on good terms or bad, it is best to only talk through your attorney or when your attorney is present. This avoids potential legal problems down the road.

4. Also try to keep good records of various things. The main thing you should keep records on are your finances. Sometimes partners will try to hide money to keep their spouse from getting their fair amount. By keeping records you can prevent this from happening. You can also keep tabs on shared accounts so that your spouse does not try to take all of the money.

5. The last thing a divorce book might tell you is to always talk with your lawyer. Your lawyer is there to protect both you and your assets during these troubling times, so confiding in them and consulting them is important. Never take action without first consulting your lawyer so you can avoid making a mistake.

6 tips to help your ex to fall back in love with you

How to get Your Wife Back After a Breakup or Divorce

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Nlp Practitioner Certification Training In Dubai

Nlp Practitioner Certification Training In Dubai


Many years ago we were asked by a Dubai company to come to Dubai to do our NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching Program in their wonderful city. It would have been a yearly deal offering our NLP Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program every fall. Unfortunately we had to turn the offer down.


You see we already had a NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching Program scheduled for that fall with people registered for the program. We were living in Nova Scotia at the time and the training numbers were small, but when we made the commitment to give them the best training we could providewe must delivereven if it meant giving up an opportunity of a life time and all the money we would have made that year and the years to come. Commitment is a very strong value for me and when I commit to do something, I will follow through unless something happens beyond my control.


Since being invited to train in Dubai, we have developed our NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching Program Online. And, guess what, we have students from Qatar and Abu Dhabi and others all neighboring Dubai. We are able to train people from the Middle East just as if they were next door. Our NLP Training is less than half the cost of the live NLP Training in Dubai and you can take it at your own pace with live time access to review as many times as you like. Dubai is the only country ahead in technology.we have the technology to offer our NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching program throughout the world offering four certifications. For a full overview of our program and registration details go to Life Potential Developments.

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Flirt With Women

Flirt With Women
A lot of men have a big problem: they don't know how to talk to women. In particular, they don't know how to talk to a woman they find attractive or how to approach a girl they really like and would like to get to know better. There are a ton of books in existence on how to flirt with women but not one of them spills the absolutely crucial secrets you need to learn and understand if you want to have women eating out of your hand every time you talk to them.

Firstly you have to think about the reasons you've failed before. Obviously failure is not the first thing you want to think about but it's crucial you do so to learn how to seduce a woman successfully. Were you coming on too strong? Did you operate on your own or with a friend aka a wingman? Did you pick up her verbal and non-verbal cues? And what were the signals you were giving out?

The fact is that there is so much more to learning about how to talk to a woman than simply asking her questions about herself. Women are too sharp for that - they can almost smell and will always pick up a fake note in your voice. The best way to find out how to talk to hot women is to observe a master - the type who has women practically licking his feet, laughing at his every word and gazing at him with Bambi eyes...

Discovering how to flirt with women is an art. Some men are better artists than other guys. Take heart though because, just as with any art, you will be able to polish your techniques to the point that you could approach a girl and score a slamdunk every time. Just think about the guys who make it seem easy. Let me tell you one of their secrets - they always seem relaxed. They are relaxed because they've learned the secret of accessing and then projecting the supreme but quiet confidence that has women panting for more.

There are a number of ways you can gain this same confidence. You could try NLP or a more visceral approach. Gaining confidence, however, is just part of the game. You must also be able to project the perfect amount when you talk to women. Most importantly, you must learn when to hold back. Learn how to control what you say - and, crucially, what you don't say - and you'll become an expert on how to flirt with women. Mix that in with real sincerity and you're way ahead of most men.

How to Seduce A Woman (YES REALLY!)

Want to know the best way to seduce a woman? Learn not only how to talk to a woman but how to listen. Pay close attention to what comes out of her mouth and when you talk to women make sure you are the one who takes up less air time. You see, the absolute no. 1 one to have her hanging on to your every word (AND THEN SOME...) is to mirror what she says.

By this I don't mean repeat everything word for word - she would just think you are insane. But really listen to the subjects she likes to talk about, her opinions, her views...Again, you don't have to agree with her but - and this is the clever bit - you do have to match her tone and pace. It's an old NLP trick but it works. We like people who sound like us. If she talks softly, lower your voice. If, conversely, she's very animated then you have to keep up your energy levels. The watchword here is SUBTLE. If she catches on to what you're doing, you're sunk.

Also make sure you maintain eye contact and then break it off now and then when she's talking. This will reassure her you are paying attention while also conveying the message that she has to keep you interested. Yes, that's right. Keep you interested. Flirting is a two way game. The real art of seduction is leading someone to think they are the one who really wants this to happen and you create that state by mirroring her so she feels comfortable.

I know you're thinking that you're going to have to feign attention on all sorts of topics you cannot stand and, yes, it's true you might have to look eager even during a discussion on kitten training. Then again, if you really can't bring yourself to do this maybe she's not the girl for you...

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):Adam Gilad - Interview With Mentor X

Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women

Ron Louis - How To Succeed With Women

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